Happy costumers

The best we have is obviously satisfied customers! Here's what some of them say: 

- "Halloj, cruelly satisfied with color cars got a good butt on the car, however, fits sessa not bolt on to s13 when the extreme et these, but it's like counting up when running with these kinds of things, so an angle grinder and plastic screens make everything possible "

- "Awesome! Must be one of the world's longest" rim ordering threads "- 66 email (!). Thanks for extraordinarily good patience and help." 

- "We are grateful for all your professional advice." 

- "Thanks for the prompt reply, looking forward to feel and squeeze on my new fat wheels!"

- "Thanks for a great service and a really fine product" 

- "Very pleased with the wheels fit perfectly on my car: D As besides, is a volvo cars built on a lot del.Tack for good service"

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